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During this pandemic and with already limited resources, it is a struggle to find proper protective gear to combat the potential of spreading this virus.  We are asking for donations to help provide essentials like masks, sanitizers, and more.  We are thankful for any donations received.

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Help us help Haiti!

My Haitian is Beautiful is a
non-profit organization that celebrates the beauty in our Haitian culture.

We take pride in our beautiful exotic features as well as honor our accomplishments and contributions to the world.

We provide mentorship to young Haitian-Americans in our communities that are being bullied because of their ethnicity. We embrace,educate, encourage and empower our generation Haitians to excel beyond limits.

We are building all-girls schools in impoverished villages in Haiti. Educating our girls to be trailblazers for the generations to come.

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Our organization focuses on the educational needs of girls in Haiti.  In light of devestation from hurricanes and natural disasters, we have partnered with local officials to assist with shelter and food needs for families in poverty.  We visit Haiti yearly to help rebuild and uplift!

Sex trafficking is a real issue in Haiti.
Below is an alarming ABC report on:
How to buy a child in 10 hours in Haiti.

Part of our efforts work on ending this tragic
exploitation of children and women in Leogane, Haiti.